Meeting the Surgeon

     On May 8, I had to drive back to the city for an appointment with the surgeon. I had already been signed off by the nephrologist, saying that my kidneys were good and that my body could handle the donation process.

     I met with one of the main surgeon’s colleagues first. He was a great help, explaining things to me and answering the questions I had for him. He explained the procedure of both open, and laparoscopic kidney donation. He even drew me a very life-like representation of where the incisions would be…

…and it’s a good thing he pursued medicine over art!

     I was told that my kidneys are identical in size, and I have one vein and one artery going to each kidney (Which is normal and good). My Renal function (GFR) is 115, which is amazing! Anything 90 and above is considered normal/high.

     My left kidney does a bit more of the work than my right (left 57%, right 43%), which is very normal; not that one necessarily functions less due to problems or anything, but because one kidney may just work a little bit harder than the other. They were not concerned about this in the slightest.

     The first surgeon then left to get the main surgeon. They told me that I was able to have open or laparoscopic surgery and discussed with me which type of surgery I preferred. I told them that there are pros and cons to both and that I was okay with either of them. 

     The positives of having an open surgery are:

  • Allowing surgeons to place sterile ice directly on the kidney to prevent damage during surgery
  • Donors experience less urinary leakage after surgery

     The positives of having the surgery done laparoscopically are:

  • Shorter recovery time
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Smaller incisions
  • Fewer post-operative complications

     They decided that both of my kidneys are equal and that they would be taking my left one to give to Robert.

     They shook my hand and said that I was approved for Surgery and it has been temporarily booked for June 14, 2017.


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