Transplant Eve

     Its the night before transplant and today had been a crazy day for all of us. 

     We drove the 5 hours to the city just two nights ago and we are staying with my dad during our time here.  Robert and I left to the hospital at 6:00 this morning.  I had more blood work, a chest xray, pre-surgery meeting, an appointment with the anesthesiologist and a quick meeting with my donor coordinator. 

     The blood work consisted of them taking four tubes of blood from me; one of which was to register me with the Canadian Blood Bank (in case I end up needing a blood transfusion). I even got a fancy red braclet that I have to wear until after surgery that has my blood bank registration number on it. 

     My pre-surgery meeting was fairly straight forward.  Nothing to eat or drink after midnight, shower the night before,  shower again the morning of, etc. Fairly straight forward instructions that you probably have heard before if you have ever had a surgery. 

     The anesthesiologist told me that I would likely have a general anaesthetic, as well as an epidural for pain management afterwards. He went over my chart and was not concerned about me having anesthesia at all. 

     My coordinator had me fill out a quick questionnaire and asked me if I had any questions for her or concerns about the surgery.  It was a brief appointment and she will be back in to see me the day after surgery, to see how I am doing. 

     Meanwhile, Robert was admitted into the hospital at 8:00 am. He had a pretty free day and was able to wander around the hospital. We are not sure exactly why Robert was admitted so early the day before surgery, but it is a normal procedure for transplant recipients at this hospital. We spent the day visiting around the hospital and getting a few last minute things together (buying a $71 monthly parking pass instead of paying $14.25/day for day passes, etc). 

     Robert started his final dialysis run at 6:00 pm (hopefully he wont need any dialysis after the transplant),  and I left the hospital to escape for a break. 

     Robert’s mother and sister are in town with me and his aunt is flying in as we speak (will arrive sometime after 11:00 pm tonight).  My mom is on her way, driving down and will be here in an hour or so. 

     The plan is to drop our daughter off with my mom when she gets into town and then pick up Robert’s aunt from the airport. Then I will have to shower and sleep for a couple of hours before leaving for the hospital at 4:00 In the morning. 

     I am to arrive at the surgical unit at 5:30 am but im hoping that I’ll be able to sneak in to see Robert for a few minutes before hand. 

     The surgery is almost here; less than 12 hours away. Im still feeling pretty good (minus tired) and not too nervous at all. Anticipation is building though and soon I’ll be wheeled in.  This may be the last time you hear from me in here until my post-surgery updates. 

     T-minus 10 hours….. 


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