Day 2 Thursday June 15

     The morning after surgery, a nurse removed my catheter and I was able to stand up and walk to the bathroom on my own. 

     I was still very tired and I took multiple naps, on and off, as visitors came with flowers. 

Robert was doing very well. The kidney was producing LOTS of urine and his creatinine levels (levels of waste in his blood) had gone down a HUGE amount. Because of this, Robert did not require any dialysis runs post-surgery. This was awesome news! 

     After lunch, my nurse finally gave me the OK to walk over and visit Robert. A few of us squeezed into his small (non-private) room and talked for a bit. My visit ended up being short because I was exhausted and I was falling asleep, sitting on the foot of Robert’s bed and Robert was no more awake than I was. 

     After another nap, a few family members came in to visit for another little bit, before saying goodbye for the evening. 

     That night, I had my first post-surgery shower and Robert came to visit me in my room for a bit before bed. 


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