Day 3 Friday June 16

    Friday, the second day after surgery, I was a bit more awake but I was hit with terrible nausea and a pounding headache in the very early morning hours. They gave me Tylenol and Zofran for the nausea and I went back to sleep until they came in to do my vitals later that morning. 

      I felt alright for a couple hours and Robert’s sister Nichole flew in from Ontario to surprise us in the hospital. We all went to the gathering area on Robert’s unit to visit, as there were too many people to fit in either of our rooms. 

     I lasted a bit there visiting before I was exhausted and needed to return to my room for a much-needed afternoon nap. 

     That evening, Robert came to my room to visit and I noticed that the hand that I had my IV in was very swollen. I called the nurse and they told me that my IV must have pulled out of my vein and that my IV fluid was going into the tissues of my hand instead. They had to cut off my hospital bracelets, as they were too tight on my swollen wrist and they stopped my IV drip. 


     While waiting for the nurse to come back with supplies to start a new IV, the exisiting IV pulled out and my hand began to profusely drip blood everywhere. I hit the button to call the nurse and waited at least 5 minutes for someone to come; by this point, I had quite a large puddle of blood on the floor beside my bed. 

     The nurse stopped the bleeding and shortly afterwards, a female nurse and a male student nurse came in to the room with a bunch of supplies. At this point in time, I was not aware that the male was a student. 

     They couldn’t put the new IV into my left arm because it was so swollen, so my right hand or arm was our only option. The student made 3 failed attempts at starting an IV in my good arm. The nurse then attempted 3 times to start one as well, but the student’s failed attempts ruined the ability to use any of the best spots and veins in that arm. During this ordeal, is when I discovered that the male was a student through their conversation. 

     I was frustrated at this point, as they called another nurse in to attempt the IV. After she had 2 failed attempts she went to get someone else to try. 

     At this point, it had been well over an hour since I had been removed from my IV drips and I had not had any pain meds in that time so, not only was I upset and frustrated, but I was in a fair amount of pain. 

     The student nurse came in to check on me while we waited for someone else to come and try. I explained that I was in pain and he told me that I couldn’t be hooked back up to my pain meds because he “didn’t see me hooked up to them or taken off of them”. I was even more upset. 

     An older female nurse then came in. She was sweet and she asked how I was doing. I was so frustrated and upset that I was crying as I explained that I was angry that I only had one good arm and they let a student ruin it. I also told her I was in a lot of pain and that the student told me I couldn’t have my pain meds back, even if they got the IV going. She comforted me and hugged me, telling me that she was going to try one time to get the IV in and that she wouldn’t do it if she wasn’t sure that she could get it in. 

     She was annoyed that almost all of my good arm had been ruined with a million pokes from failed attempts but she went for a hard vein and got it in on the first try. She also got my pain meds and saline drip back up and running. She left, only to return a few minutes later with lotion to rub my back. This lady was literally the sweetest. 

     Robert was angry about the student nurse destroying my good arm and telling me wrong information. My nurse came in and Robert told her that we didn’t want to deal with the student nurse. 

     She replied with: “but he is my student.”          

     Robert said: “Yes but he doesn’t know           what he is doing and needs to be supervised”

    She then said: “but he is graduating right away”

     Robert then repeated his argument and insisted that the student not deal with me without supervision. She did not say much and left the room. 

     Shortly afterwards, Robert went back to his room for the night to sleep. 


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