Day 4, Saturday June 17

     I spent the majority of the fourth day in bed because I had a terrible head ache and I was extremely nauseated. They gave me Gravol, first thing in the morning and I woke up a few hours later feeling even worse. They then took my IV pain medication away and began to give me Tramadol pills to take orally instead. 
     Robert came to visit that morning before the family members all arrived. I was feeling rough and waiting for the tylenol and Zofran to kick in.  Robert sat at the end of my bed, keeping me company between my waves of nausea. 
     When family members showed up, Roberts other sister Jessica was unexpectedly there with her daughter; as she also flew in from Ontario to surprise him. I was so sick that I did not say much and everyone left shortly afterwards to visit in the gathering area to let me rest. 

     I slept for a few hours and awoke to see that my mom was sitting at the end of my bed, quietly waiting for me to wake up. I was feeling a bit nauseated still and they gave me Maxaran to help until I was due for another dose of Zofran. 
     I told my mom about the student nurse the night before and she was a bit pissed off about it. She told my nurse to see if she could make sure I had different night shift nurses that night and she told my nurse how crazy the night before was. My mom being a nurse herself, she spoke with experience to my nurse and she made things happen. My mom then left to let me sleep away my nausea and I woke up at 9:30pm. 
     I showered after i woke up and then Robert came to visit me again before bed. I attempted to eat a few bites off of my dinner tray but my queezy stomach and lack of appetite didnt let me get more than a bite in. I had eaten next to nothing since surgery and I still couldn’t stomach anything. 


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