Release Day, Sunday June 18

     I woke up with insane nausea when the nurse came in at 8 am to take my vitals. The nurse got Zofran going through my IV, just as my surgeon and one of his colleagues came in. 
     He was telling me that he wanted to have me released as soon as possible. I told him that I was hardly able to function through the nausea and that I currently felt like I was about to throw up. 
     He said: “There are two reasons that we like to get our donors out sooner VS later after surgery. The first reason because, the longer you’re in the hospital, the more chance you’ll get sick by catching something. The second reason is that it costs money. ”
     Yes, “it costs money” he literally said that. 

     At this point I was so nauseated that I did not even care what he was saying, nor did I pay attention as he continued talking. I then grabbed the bowl on my table (that the nurse put out just in case i had to puke) and I started throwing up; right in front of my surgeon and his colleague. They left as I was throwing up and didn’t come back. 

     I awoke a few hours later to my mom and my daughter in my room. Robert’s family took a day off from the hospital and went site-seeing a few hours away so she was my only visitor that day. 

     The nurse gave me more anti-nausea medications and a Tylenol to keep me feeling alright and my other surgeon came in not long afterwards. 

     He was much nicer than the surgeon that came in earlier that morning. He was understanding and he said that he was going to write up my discharge papers and that I could leave whenever I was confident that I felt decent enough to go. He prescribed me tramadol for the pain and 2 anti-nausea medications to take at home, if needed. 

     I started packing up my things, as I waited for the anti-nausea IV medications to finish. The nurse then removed my IV,  gave me my discharge papers and I was free to go. 

     We picked up my prescriptions and then my mom drove my daughter and I to my dads house, where I would be staying after surgery. Roberts family came home from their day trip shortly afterwards. 

     We had chili for supper and I was able to eat, finally! I was taking pain and nausea meds around the clock to keep myself from feeling gross. 

     That night, my daughter went to bed with my dad and his girlfriend so that I could get a good sleep (and because I couldn’t lift her or anything). I called Robert before bed, to say goodnight and I finally got to lay down to sleep in a comfy bed after days of a crappy, uncomfortable hospital bed. 


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